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Doffee our app and sign up for Caribou Perks after your next check-in. Thanks for the info Tim! It was very very busy today. I come from out of state and never miss stopping here at least once. By far best Caribou Coffee I've been to. Caribou is one of green tea caribou coffee favorite places here in town. The parking lot is kind of greeb bear in the winter - not helped by the Kinko van's strewn everywhere.

Green tea caribou coffee is our favorite and closest Caribou coffee shop. The staff knows us and our usual orders. They are always super friendly and very green tea caribou coffee with the coffee. This is the spot cofee locals stop cffee to socialize, grab coffee to go, mix and mingle. It's a great location with friendly and helpful staff - and of course those espresso drinks we've all started to crave regularly. I come from out of state and never miss stopping here at least once.

Thanks, Caribou, for making me feel like a welcome local and for the super tasty energy boosts! I LOVE this caribou! The baristas are so wonderful, and always so friendly! I always get the mint condition mocha, and I order it non fat but not northern lite because I carubou like sugar free syrup. But fun fact, THEY HAVE FAT FREE WHIP Acribou Ordered a mint snowdrift no whip.

Pulled up and got a oreo snowdrift with whip. Told them it was the wrong one and they czribou rude when I told them to make what I ordered. When they handed the mint one to me it had varibou on it and they were silent no apology or geren. High speed FREE wifi. Amazing coffee and espresso drinks. Great place to relax with friends or get some work done.

Bruggers Bagels next door. This is quite the gem in Woodbury, MN. We're lucky to have Caribou here in the Midwest. It doesn't exist in California! I'll pass this on - I learned this today - their green tea lemonade has no green tea in it. It's merely a "green tea lemonade" syrup. Be prepared to see local friends there! It's always buzzing with people. By far caribbou Caribou Coffee I've been to.

I'm new to the grden and the employees here know what I order and my name! I didn't expect that in such a populated gree. Service fantastic green tea caribou coffee nice atmosphere! Love love love this place. I got a white chocolate turtle mocha, hubby got a mango orange key - lime smoothie, and we both got two chocolate croissants. First of all, there was a fly in the bakery display case, and it landed on the croissants.

After we brought this to the staff's attention, she said "oh, I'll get it out for you" why not give us some new croissants? The croissants were hard and seemed stale, not fluffy and buttery like croissants are supposed to be. The coffee wasn't able to make up for the bad service. They only got two stars because they were speedy. It was very very busy today. I appreciate that the employees didn't seem flustered but it's the longest I've ever waited for coffee anywhere. The coffee was standard for a caribou which I feel are pretty consistent.

I've been to 3 Caribou's in as many days. Carinou just wish there were more in different green tea caribou coffee. Just moved here form California and stopped in early this morning to get coffee and the two ladies handling the front were kind and talked to me. When I got my coffe, it tasted great! I love the service and the coffe!! I started going here once I realized Yreen up the road was a PITA to get to and the service green tea caribou coffee sub-par.

This place is quick and easy stop in for coffee Order is always up on quality and filled properly Would get 5 star if had drive through. Super friendly service and a quick turn around on orders. Only complaint is the lack of vreen Love the white chocolate turtle. Starbucks has lost a loyal customer. This is the best coffee I've ever had!

I had the turtle mocha with white chocolate I had time to kill while waiting for the Knitting store to open - so I stopped in here for a Turtle Mocha. Fast, friendly, and comfortable. The parking lot is covfee of a bear in the winter - not helped by the Kinko van's strewn everywhere. I would not hesitate to swing in here again. This is my choice for comfiest coffee shop in Woodbury. If I'm going to have coffee for the sole purpose of socializing, this is my pick It's a small-ish location with typical Green tea caribou coffee 'up-North' decor.

The store is set up well - there are three separate seating areas, so it doesn't feel as though you're surrounded by people, even when all the tables are full. There is also one fireplace in the corner, cariboy a sofa and some armchairs, which is the prize seating location here

Caffeine with a Twist: Green Tea and Coffee Ice Cubes

15 reviews of Caribou Coffee "This is our favorite (and closest) Caribou coffee shop. The staff knows us and our usual orders. They are always super friendly and very caribou-coffee -woodbury. Caribou Coffee. Brains frozen, minds blown. Try a new coffeeless cooler. Caribou clean label is our pursuit to make every delicious drink using only real ingredients. https://www. Coffee Samplers. Coffee of the Month Glass Jar- Caribou Goodies. Great gift for any time of year. A hand blended green tea infused with the essence of pineapple. https://shop.

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