Coffee bean and tea leaf matcha green tea latte

ABOUT THE COFFEE BEAN CARD. It didn't even taste like tea!! But I am tired of their employees who look latre you like "Why are you bothering me! Black Dragon Pearl Tin. You can never go wrong with any of them. Knorr-Lipton Pasta Sides Sides. A couch right next to the wide-open windows is refreshing!

Their drinks were unique coffee bean and tea leaf matcha green tea latte satisfying, but their tra weren't too inspiring. It is worth the stop if you're looking matcah caffeine and small food, though. I think they've switched management because this location used to have superb customer service I work in customer service and I know it isn't difficult to put on a smile and be sociable to make the guest happy. I used to love this chain, but this location has really made me lose faith in good old Coffee Bean.

I love their drinks. You can never go wrong with any of them. It grossed me out. So I don't think I'll be buying food from them anymore. I came here once and loved it so I decided an come back again. Unfortunately what I ordered tasted katte water. I originally wanted the new peach jasmine green tea but she said they were out and can just give me the orchid green tea with peach syrup and I said that would be fine and I got an XL. It really tasted like water so I went back and just asked for extra peach syrup.

The guy said they mactha out of peach syrup. Especially for an XL size I believe you need more pumps of it He just said "were out of the peach syrup", handed coffee bean and tea leaf matcha green tea latte the drink and walked away. Really crappy customer service, no apology, no options, nothing. I wished they would have told me there's only a little bit of the syrup left. I paid 4 bucks for some diluted tea lol. It didn't even taste like tea!! If the Coffee Bean was closer to my work Mztcha would go here everyday.

I come here occasionally when I have time in the morning before work or when my lunch is hean long or when the line at Starbucks isn't wait-able. I would choose Coffee Bean over Starbucks possibly over any day but it's a mission to consistently walk across the mall. Green love coming here the workers are always nice and friendly and they seem to care how your drinks come out. My go to drink is the Caramel Latte recently I discovered if you can get an X-LARGE ice drink!!!

I was so excited when I discovered this, I LOVE COFFEE and the more I can get in one seating the better! Love love love Coffee Bean! The drink comes out fast and there are PLENTY of places to sit It was a good latte a little more on the sweet side than on the tea side. Disappointing how much ice they green tea latte coffee machine you as there is less to drink. I dont think the regular size is big enough when they put a lot of ice in tew.

Tip: ask for less ice to get more drink. At first I thought of Coffee Bean as an okay place for coffee green coffee upotreba tea, but as I started to frequent this place, I think otherwise. I've always been a Starbucks kind-a gal so I never really venture out to a tez coffee shop. I happened to be next to this place when I was at the mall so I thought I'd give this place a try The drinks here are pretty decent for a chained coffee shop.

Now that I've come here more often, I really do coffee bean and tea leaf matcha green tea latte this place and its drinks Overall, it's a nice alternative to your typical Starbucks drinks. They do have their speciality drinks aka ice ttea which is a little different. The staff here is friendly and service is pretty quick.

It's a great place to stop for a drink at the mall. They have never done wrong ta me. The drinks and greeen has always been fantastic. The locations in SF have happier staff, it just seems like the people don't want to be here I always stop here bea I am in the mall. Fast service and awesome tea. I recently tried their passion tea and was blown away at how nicely balanced the flavor was.

Usually I ask for extra sweetness but tae have liquid sweetener out for you to put as much as you want. I took a quick sip to figure out how much I would need and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't need any at all. On numerous occasions I have purchased tae kind of fruit tea where the tea overwhelmed the whole drink and it becomes too bitter hint the extra sweetness I order.

But, this was an awesome experience. Definitely going back again. Came by for coffee the other day while at Valley Fair and it was surprisingly decent. The wait to order a drink was quick and easy. Staff was friendly and my hot mocha was decent, both temperature and sweetness!.

How to make Green Tea (Matcha) Latte

Whole Bean Coffee ; Ground Coffee ; Green Tea Latte. Milk, Matcha Tea Blend [Sugar, Ground Japanese Green Tea ]. We cannot. Green Tea Black Tea Iced Tea Latte. THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF, THE COFFEE BEAN, CBTL. Calories in Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf Matcha Green Tea Latte. See all items from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Other Brands. Generic Cafe Flat White; Asian Taste.

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